KALARDOVO - Tivat, Beach located in Montenegro

Access for people with disabilities



Type of beach:
Natural sandy beach
Rural beach
Beach facilities:
Beach bar and restaurant, dressing rooms, sanitary facilities (toilettes, showers)
Period when the lifeguard / lifesaving equipment is available:
08-20 h
Description of nearby natural areas:
Westward from the Kalardovo beach is the location Solila which is one of the three most famous coastal wetland area on the Montenegrin coast, encompassing about 100 hectares. About 50 years ago, at this location, the salt pans were planned with build up crystallization basins and salt water channels, but it was never put in function. The vegetation in Solila is represented by specific halophyte species from orders Salicornietea i Limonietela, marine vegetation such as Juncetalia maritime, and typical marchland and wetland vegetation.
The shallow salt waters of Solila rich with fish and muddy bottom with benthos organisms is very attractive for birds. In recent studies about 221 species of birds were registered at Solila of which the most interesting is the presence of Phalacrocorax pygmeus (Pigmy Cormorant) and Phoenicopterus ruber (Greater Flamingo). The Solila wetland is very important as habitat for wintering birds and as feeding ground for migrating birds. 
Description of the location on the beach:
Beach is located in Kalardovo cove in Tivat bay.
Description of how to get to the beach:
Beach is accessible by local road 2 km from Adriatic Highway (Jadranska magistrala). From parking place there is walkway to the beach.
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