Karamursel Altınkemer Public Beach, Beach located in Kocaeli

Access for people with disabilities

Karamursel Altınkemer Public Beach is located in Karamürsel which is at eastern part of Marmara region in Kocaeli and the southern coast of the Gulf of İzmit. The beach at 1 km distance from the center of town Karamürsel, industrial facilities not included in the county, and municipal wastewater treatment rate of 100% is not affected due to domestic and industrial pollution.

In Karamürsel, generally the summers are hot and slightly rainy and the winters are rainy and cold. The avarage annual degree of the town is 14,5 degrees and the warmest mounts are July and the August.

Sea and land transportation is available between the center of the province of Kocaeli and Karamürsel. The district could be reached with public transport and the sea bus.

With the content of sand Karamürsel Altınkemer Public Beach is 190 meters long and 18 meters wide. There are all kinds of opportunities at the beach for citizens with disabilities. In addittion, life saving and first aid facilities and also an amphitheater are available at the beach.





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